June 21st, 2009



There is nothing on TV tonight, and the box didn't record the Leonard Cohen Night, like I told it to. All I have to watch is...NACHO LIBRE, which I recorded because of my Mexican Wrestler fetish, but rather doubt is my thing.
More dusting, mopping, hoovering, but it never seems to get any better. I dragged a battered old bookcase as far as the door,and that's the best i could do. I'm knackered, achin' all over, etc. I need the Little People to come and sort it all out, while I sleep...Of course, the painting, etc. will be even worse, I suppose.
My sister is preparing to go on her long retreat...No unneccessary talking, no media, minimal food, etc. She's eagerly looking forward to it! I am mystified, and find it rather frightening, but it's her 'bliss,' and heaven knows, she's earned it.