June 12th, 2009


Stressy Dusty Noise, etc.

I am so exhausted,even by my chronic fatigue standards, that I can't believe it. This ever-returning pall of sticky cement dust eveywhere, the constant  banging and crashing...It's starting to look like a bathroom now, though. After my delight at getting the shade of blue I wanted for the floor,'the boss' rang today to say they don't make that one anymore, so I'll have to take the light blue they tried to foist on me from the start, and no, I can't have a shower screen, it's gotta be a mildewy curtain. Fap.
Remus continues swearing and singing for long hours. He actually seems to enjoy his work. He's been doing seven days, recently, but when he finishes here, and two more jobs, 'Four week off, drink beer at home, smoke Marlboro cigarette, sleep!' He grins like a jack o'lantern in anticipation.
BIG BROTHER is, unsurprisingly, very tedious, so far, I rather like Angel, and the insanely naive and prissy Sree is the funniest, so far. He has strong objections to  bad language and disrespect to women, and during a ruck with a feisty homeboy, called him 'an immature and indecent creature' He's gotta be putting it on, but he's  certainly convincing.
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