June 4th, 2009



David Carridine  has pegged out at 72. I feel quite shocked. I always liked him.
Remus didn't arrive until 11 this morning, but he sure works like a demon. Seems I have no choice other than white tiles.(They're the cheapest-) I can't have green floor covering and wall paint, either, but I managed to negotiate (I think-) a reasonable dark blue floor. As long as it all works, I guess I can't complain.
Cast my Eurovote for SLP, and showed a non-English speaking woman how to use her ballot.
Annoyed by further Susan Boyle voyeuristic mockery. Evidently she needs to see her cat, pebbles. Actually, being a mad old 'spinster', if hardly a 'virgin' (Did they examine her, or something?) myself, I don't see anything particularly crazy in that, especially in her current situation...You can always trust a cat  (ie: they really don't give a toss-)
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