May 31st, 2009


Hot, Bah...

Oh well, 'musn't grumble'...I finished Julie Kavanagh's RUDOLF NUREYEV;THE LIFE at last, and felt very sad. What a strange person he was;rather unpleasant,on the whole, and evidently very unhappy, although he experienced so much and contributed so much to his art. I wonder how different things might have been if he hadn't been more or less forced into defecting? He was already a bit of an ego monster, by then, but he seemed to become increasingly distrustful of everyone after that. He was really astonishingly cruel to those close to him, though, and stuff like continuing to screw around without protection when he knew he was HIV+ was just monstrous.
Saw yet another slasher of no great distinction, MUM & DAD. I was impressed by it, though, because it was shot on some micro-budget grant scheme for under £100,000. Pretty damn good, considering. I also liked the fact that the household of psychokillers was based near Heathrow, where the writer/director grew up, with the eternal racket of planes adding to the madness.
I got my copies of GIRLY 19, yesterday, and it looks grand, with everything in colour, except for my primitive skirtches. Terry Wiley's new series about  rank and file act-ors looks promising.
Weird wake-up call last night after 1 am. I was pretty well asleep when someone began buzzing the downstairs door insistently. I tried to ignore it, thinking it was yoofs, but he wouldn't give up. It turned out to be the local pizza  guy, who had come to the wrong place.I didn't know they even delivered pizzas that late.This modern world!
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