May 29th, 2009



Yeah, too hot and bright for me, but  I hope the 'normals' enjoy this holiday weekend, which is going to be fairly 'nice' in London.
Watched INVASION last night. Tres dull re-take on INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. Probably the most entertaining moment was the lush Jeremy Northam spewing alien jelly-glop onto Nicole Kidman's already blank face.
There was also a curious moment when she was wandering around her gaff looking for her annoying little pod-threatened son, in weird transparent pyjama bottoms, which seemed to be her usual at-home-with-the-kiddie lounging attire.No spiderlegs on show, though as she's evidently built like a doll, anyway.
I'm doodling Nurevey a lot; maybe I'll manage to get the tantrum I witnessed into strip form.

Edit- I wrote this at the weekend, but forgot to post it. Might as well, I suppose...

Tears Before Bedtime...

I don't think it's a good idea to allow pre-pubescent children on shows like BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT, really. Er...not that I actually watch it , you understand, but I have seen the odd fifteen minutes, here and there. Last week a feverishly ambitious little Mini-pop burst into tears when she didn't make it through  to the finals. She just couldn't believe she wasn't going to shake her baby booty in front of the Queen, after all.Tonight, in an even more disturbing spectacle, a scrawny 10-year-old soprano suddenly completely lost it in the middle of EIDELWEISS, gasping and grizzling and pleading piteously to be allowed to start again. The judges finally said they'd 'make time' for her to have another go, but I do hope she was tucked into bed with a dose of ritalin and a teddy,instead. I didn't see how it worked out, but she's doubtless Scarred For Life,either way. 'Tain't fittin'.
Of course, being the poor excuse for a human being that I am, it did cross my mind earlier that it might be quite interesting if Susan Boyle went completely foaming tonto in the the finals; bawling obscenies in the middle of her number (gotta be DON'T CRY FOR ME, ARGENTINA...), pissing on the stage, and stuff like that.
According to tabloid reports there are 'concerns for her health' after sweary outbursts when the formerly-sheltered,rustic Hairy Angel was mocked by urban bullies near her hotel...
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