May 20th, 2009


Head All Empty...

I'm hardly posting at all, these days. No loss to anyone but me, of course, but I really should try. LJ at least provides the illusion that you're doing something, and I need that.
At the moment I seem to be in a limbo of trying and failing to get my flat sorted, waiting for the council to do the bathroom, so i can confirm the decorators, etc. etc. I also have the US Embassy thing, worry about my sister, who sounds so crazy,and my own constant medical stuff, and it all seems sooo bloody pointless. My creativity is in total eclipse, and I can't even be bothered with films at the moment, although I do watch some. This week I saw YOU THE LIVING, which had some beautiful visual moments, and RUINS in which another batch of holidaymaking yoofs met hideous untimely death.( Will they never learn?)
I'm reading a fat biography of Nureyev. I only saw him in his decline, really, but he truly did have probably the greatest onstage charisma I've ever seen. I was working in the room where he had a big tantrum, once, and when it was all over, I took the chair he'd sat on, and wrote in marker on the bottom of the seat, that he'd  freaked out on it. ( 'One lousy follow spot they cannot get right!")  I planned to nick the chair for posterity, when I left the theatre, but  not that long before I did, there was a lot of work going on over the closed season, and it vanished. It was just a crumby old cane chair,and  probably went on a skip. I still get pissed off when I think about that.
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