May 14th, 2009

dot cotton

Week Of Tediousity..

It looks like I have to do another scary notary session, at the feckin' US embassy. With luck, this should wind up the whole thing, but I don't need it. ..Of course, I've no right to grizzle considering what my 'executrix' sister has been through,on top of all her own daily woes.

It feels like a hard rain's gonna fall, any minute. I hope it does, and clears the heavy, humid atmosphere, a bit. Whew...There were flood warnings, though, which probably means it will just drizzle and fizzle,
Saint Anthony is to be thanked, yet again, as I found my carefully stashed (and forgotten-) passport, which I'll need for the Notary Hell thing, if I can ever get a bloody appointment.
I've watched two diverting enough, but not exactly inspirational spectacles. MONGOL and INDIANA JONES 4
I also had a particularly excruciating hospital appointment. The place was terribly overcrowded because they were having a computer crisis as usual. There seemed to be an awful lot of amputees in attendance (Diabetes & Endocrine-) plus two women who looked about to give birth at any second, complaining about the waiting and crowding, as well they might. I felt sorry for the receptionist. and had to admire his ability to stay perky and polite (It was the bouncy David Tennant guy-) There was also an enormous amount of uncovered coughing and sneezing going on, so i expect my dose of swine flu is percollating away busily as I type. It took three hours to get  a blood test sorted, and I was good for nothing but collapse when I got out, especially after going through the whole thing on an empty stomach.Fap.
Oh yeah, and I still haven't found a decorator who can be bothered...
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