May 8th, 2009



Went to check out the neat little Francis Alys exhibit FABIOLA. For some reason I find it completely fascinating, and I stayed gawping for some time, even thinking I'd like to buy the catalogue ( £25!...I guess not.)

It's strange, I just get a great feeling of cameraderie with all those crap artists, doing their best on a project that obviously means something to them and/or the people who buy these images...Actually, I first read of this project a couple of years ago and did a chubster Fabiola, which is around somewhere.
Oh yes, and there's a nice photo of Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie on display that I hadn't noticed before. 

Saw a passable thriller, DONKEY PUNCH, which is a better-made-than-usual tale of feckless yoofs drugging, orgying and ending up 'orribly dead, except for that girl. What really struck me, though was the hilarious 'extras', in which everyone involved is questioned verrry seriously about THE SEX SCENE, what they thought about it, how they dealt with it, etc. etc.and how groundbreaking it's supposed to be...
Still unable to sort out BT Vision, and the broadband really ain't right either. I honestly think I'm going to have to pay for one of their engineers to set it up and be done with it, except that's very difficult to arrange. They've been having 'computer troubles' for the last two days.

I won't even tell  much about going to the council office to purchase parking permit scratch cards so that the decorators, if I ever get that arranged, can park downstairs. The level of idiocy and ineptitude is astonishing. Everyone there was trying to get something really simple and basic dealt with and the staff managed to cock up everything, non-stop.The heating was also on full-blast, and I was working up a real 'Ren Hoek Freaks Out' head o' steam.( EEEEdiots!!!)  Fortunately, I was set free before I finally erupted.