May 6th, 2009


The My Desk Thing...

A giant old Compaq Deskpro that clunks a lot; given me by a charitable friend of Zograf's.
A '98 Time monitor;crumbly.
Feckin' BT home hub.
A long armed stapler.
A jar of E45 cream and some Murine eye drops.
A packet of Snugglers wipes, a Febreze 'apple spice' spray, and a spray bottle of 'summer splash' fabric refresher.
Several 'crystal' balls and a glass buddha.
Box of mansize tissues
Shoe box with CDs inside
Box of low-energy light bulbs.
Statue of voodoo diety Erzulie in her crabby crone aspect.
A LOT of notebooks, sketchbooks, dictionaries, etc, all sloppy and dusty, and falling over.
Leger 'Experience Europe' brochure to torture myself with.

Oh how very disgusting...Lame excuse, though, is that decorating is happening eventually.
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