April 8th, 2009


Celebs And Killers...

I've gone from Rupert Everett to the Wests. HAPPY LIKE MURDERERS is probably as un-explotative and serious as this sort of book gets. I can't help finding  stuff about the minds and lifestyles of deranged criminals riveting.  What's most gobsmacking about the saga of Fred and Rose is how similar in many ways to their neighbours they were. Out there in the boonies, there seems to have been an incredible amount of very casual rough sex,strange violence and incest going on..."Your first baby should be your dad's"  I've always thought ' the country' was spooky.
My connection seems to be functioning again. There definitely is something amiss with the ancient monitor, but I'd like to get the decorating done before investing in a new setup. I'm switching to btinternet next week. Hope it's not a mistake.
R Next Door is really lathered up again;can't eat, can't sleep, obsessed with pigeon-killing 'terrorists.' She keeps saying she's gonna go and live with her daughter and her boyfriend in Essex. I expect she'd find plenty there to send her hysterical, though. Actually, I would miss her if she left, and hope she doesn't. It's nice to know there's somebody who speaks English and is vaguely congenial, literate, etc, nearby.
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