April 7th, 2009


Oh Buggery...

I am PC-less for the present. Very, very annoying.

Latest R Next Door Extravaganza: The flat directly  above her is occupied by two young Muslim men, who have no furniture apart from a widescreen TV and 'some kind of shrine'.
Tenants in our building are not allowed to have individual satellite dishes, but they've just cut a hole in the newly-hung pigeon netting to instal a giant one.
Pigeons are getting trapped in the hole,caught in the net, etc. and hanging down over R's balcony, in a flapping freaking, ultimately dead state. She actually went to Homebase and got some garden net to patch it up a bit, and did so. They pleaded with her not to tell the council, which, in fear of being first on their terrorist aganda, she promised not to, as long as no more pigeons come to grief. This one could have legs...
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