March 22nd, 2009



I feel a little better today, after one of my flat-out feverish days yesterday...
I don't have any interest in celeb chef/cookery shows, as a rule, but Heston Blumenthal's historical feast recreations are really intriguing. Tonight's Tudor blowout, however, was so spectacularly repulsive that I was watching it through my fingers. Absolutely Lovecraftian...Poor feckin' frogs! They were just the beginning, though. Gross, utterly gross. Next week's Roman beano threatens to be even more foul.
Poor old Jade has finally left this plane, although we are surely in for the ritziest funeral since Princess Di. Some talking head bishop on the news actually proclaimed Jade a saint, who will be 'remembered forever'..Well, the wold only has a century or so left, I reckon, so he could be right. I actually feel very sad about it myself. For one thing, her weird physiognomy was the inspiration of hundreds of doodles, etc, which I'll miss,and it's touching how she didn't want her kids to grow up pig ignorant like her.Not to mention that she was only 27, poor cow. R.I.P.
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