March 20th, 2009


Media Week...

I'm greatly enjoying the visual thrills of the  BAROQUE series, although Waldemar Janusczak is as annoying as ever. He looks incredibly like a middle-aged Milhouse, which may account for my always wanting to give him a wedgie. The camera work is a bit eccentric too,but  in a diverting way.For instance, we get frequent closeups of Waldemar's sandalled foot, clumping down Godzilla-like, as he surveys some picturesque panorama.
(OMG, I think he wears the same sandals as I do...)
My Lovefilm rentals were WRISTCUTTERS, which I don't remember requesting, and which was so dull I didn't really take it in, and THE MIST, which is definitely one of the better  Stephen King adaptations, with a glum ending, and some very nasty-looking bugmonsters.Ick.
I liked RED RIDING, although I was frequently confused. Like the Grauniad critic, I found myself wondering if Sean Bean's baddie  had survived being shot by the journo, and what  was 'under the carpets', not to mention who the boy was who was out to shoot the evil clergyman...
Workers have been busy outside this week, painting and putting up the pigeon netting. I don't think I've been caught naked again, but  I always seem to be doing something slovenly or retarded when one of them pops up and startles me. I don't suppose they can really see in that clearly, really, but it gives me the creeps.
I went for a look-round in the new Jamie Oliver kitchen shop at Clapham Junction. There were lots of fancy celebrity cookware,gadgets, and various chutneys,sauces, etc. They also had a small line of baked goods ..£1.95 Chelsea bun, anyone? The stuff did look pretty scrummy, admittedly, but even if you're some kind of affluent Battersea Rise yummy mummy or something, that sort of thing is just Wrong. The place was actually pretty crowded, but I think it must have been mostly skeptical paupers like me who just came in for a gawk.
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