March 8th, 2009

ropey old twat


I dunno if I've got some bug, or it's really as cold as it feels. I've just had to switch the heat on, after shivering like a Heston Blumenthal jelly full of vibrators all day. I'm also aching in every joint, including my frakkin' thumbs, and my back is just agonisin'. Wah!
My dreams, as usual, have been wildly hectic to compensate for my inert life. Celeb companions this week included Dawn French, Gorbachov, Ralph Richardson, Kevin Spacey ( a favourite drinking buddy-), Udo Samel and some ballet dancer whose name escapes me at the moment.
DUMA KEY is providing more than adequate distraction, fortunately as there's bugger all on telly until THE VICTORIANS, and I've no rental DVDs.
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    Patti Smith: GHOST DANCE