March 4th, 2009


New Smoke Alarm!

You think your life is dull, eh? I was just about to leave for the launderette and post office chores, when I encountered contractors wanting to get in. They kitted me out with a fancy new smoke alarm, and fixed the fan thing in the bathroom that they hadn't installed properly.
Then I did go out, and had a fight with the photocopier in Costcutter. None of the guys there could figure out how to reduce A3-A4 on it, either.
Improvised. Sent pack o'rubbish off to the Girlys.
Hey, who is it who wanted strips about 'a woman I admire'? I said I'd do one, although I haven't, yet, but-uh- don't know where to send it when I do.
I keep worrying that I'm having a stroke, 'cos those 'burning brain' adverts on TV scare me.
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