February 16th, 2009


The Moorhen Drama Continues...

R spent most of the day by the pond. Parkies 'with big pot bellies' tried to catch the poor creature with no luck, and a 'nice young man'  from the RSPCA  said it was probably still pretty fit, as it was frisky enough, and eating, although the others were bullying it. Nobody had a proper net. R, of course, is going to get one and go back tomorrow...I got her groceries for her, which is as far as I'm going to get involved in this one (she said...)

Happy birthday to the admirable fattest  

I've quite enjoyed WHITECHAPEL, silly as it was. Nice location stuff.  I'm completely hooked on BEING HUMAN, too. Charming, clever stuff. Mitchell the vampire boy is soooo damn pretty, too. Ohhyah!  (But what's to be done with that little 'recruited' boy? )
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