February 15th, 2009


Wildlife Wailing...

R Next Door's hysterical  outburst of the day was caused by seeing a moorhen on the Common with fishing line tangled around its leg. She couldn't catch it, and called every animal rescue service she could think of, but after waiting for two hours, with no one showing  up, she had to leave.. Now she plans to go back tomorrow with a net...I get all freaked out about such things, too, but you do what you can, and then there's just no point in tormenting yourself with going over and over it. (I should talk, I know, but really...)  Stoopid fishing bastards, though.
Today's obscure film was FOUR LAST SONGS, which I thought I was going to hate, for the first half hour or so, then it charmed me in spite of myself. It's actually quite sweet and touching. The cast was very strong...I may have said this before, and people usually laugh when I do, but I'm always impressed by what an extremely handsome face Rhys Ifans has.

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