January 28th, 2009



The R Next Door and the Window Men saga reaches its climax. She's decamped to A's, with Cat, while the drilling and hammering takes place. I'm 'in charge'...Yesterday, I went from my Vascular Clinic appointment  (Keep wearing the fucking Knee-Highs from Hell-) to R's where she was shaking like a shitting dog while three grumpy guys ('We shouldn't  be doing this-') moved her furniture away from the windows. A skull ashtray got broken in the process, and she shrieked.
She can't move the stuff because she has this serious lumbar thing, and in addition to my own arthritis etc. I can't even move about in her flat because it's so cramped. I thought my place was chocabloc with crap, but this is about five times worse...To even get in, you have to crawl over this roll of carpet that R fished out of a skip, and keeps in the vestibule. It's quite nice and everything, apart from the reek of piss that emanates as strongly today as it did when she found it several years ago. I could go on..
When my painkillers kick in, as much as they're going to, I have to lug a load of boxes and planks that were left outside by the workers, to the rubbish room downstairs. Grunt.
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