January 15th, 2009


Swing That Mace!...


MPs should do things like this a lot more often.  As for the whole Heathrow thing, I won't rant, as plenty of others are doing it better, but it's just very, very Wrong. Bastards.
Saw LUST, CAUTION, which is very Ang Lee in its extreme dreamlike beauty of setting, and its rather excessive leisureliness.
For connoisseurs, there are several scenes of rough rumpo, and one rather disturbing sequence where a gaggle of green student activists suddenly find themselves in a situation where someone has to be whacked. It ain't pretty.
I've also recently seen the infamous  early Madonna vehicle A CERTAIN SACRIFICE again. Ah such badness, and the songs are truly amazing. I've been haunted by SCREAMIN' DEMON LOVER and RAYMOND HALL MUST DIE TONIGHT for years. I wish I could get hold of the lyrics...
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