January 2nd, 2009


First Foot...

It's supposed to be good luck if the first person over your threshold in the New Year is a tall dark man, innit?
So, this morning a couple of boxes were delivered by a very tall black guy. That's cool, then. Pleasant event of the day.
The boxes were from my sister, old photos, papers, etc. from Hell House. I don't feel as freaked out by them as she does, for some reason. Of course a lot of the stuff is creepy and sad, but some of it is actually quaintly amusing to me.
I  came across  a family tree from my mother's side of the family, and it seems that one of the ancestors, a  Bridget Conway, got herself transported for setting fire to a hay rack! I felt a strange rush of weirdo family pride.
No interesting sale bargains were in the shops today, but I hope to treat myself to a spelt pillow from LIDL next week.
Oh yes, I had an incredibly strange dream of voluntarily having sex with my father (Homer Simpson-) while we were both working in B&Q.
I've never done it with a cartoon character before...
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