December 1st, 2008


Urgent Query...

Do any MCRers remember a link to that picture of David Bowie getting hit it the eye with a Chuppa Chup? I found a few references to it but no photos.
Got my new WHORES OF MENSA  today, and
it's brilliant. 
cleanskies has provided a masterpiece about tentacle-faced girl group the Cthuluettes stunning tout de Paris with their high-kicking chansons:

'I met him in the morning
And the sun went black.
Ph'nglui mgln'nafh Cthulhu
R'lyeh wgah'nagl fthagh...'

Gotta be one of the all-time greats..
I also loved Mardou's bio strip about Anais Nin, one of my favourite femmes de Paris
Everyone in the world should purchase and admire this comic.

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