November 17th, 2008


Dull, Dull Day...

I have to admit  the noise from the contractors drilling this morning really was intolerable. I wanted to scream and roll on the floor and stuff. poor old R Next Door will be in a right state. ('My heart vill explode...')
They're gonna open a Cafe Nero on the corner  opposite the little Sainsbury's on Lavender Hill/Queenstown Road. Heh! Upmarket!
My knees are worse than they've ever been, not to mention my back. I want to check out the Comiket Saturday, but I'm embarrassed about asking to use the lift. Yes, I am lame in more ways than one.
Censorship Fear Time: The power of Christ compelled me to watch APPARITIONS last week. I was rather looking forward to it, due to the screaming tabloid frenzy- 'Most shocking scenes evah!'- stuff, and was quite let down by its tameness. Turns out that the BBC re-edited it to make the 'Flayed alive by Albanian Demons in Gay Sauna'  setpiece less disturbing. Bastards!  On the whole, not that interesting, then...but i think it might improve as it goes along. Martin Shaw seems much hotter to me now than he did in his Doyle days.
I've also looked in on IACGMOOH  which I don't usually bother much with, because the mix is just so bizarre, this time. Why on earth is Martina Navratalova doing that?  Anyway, it might be amusing to see some really bad things happen to Kilroy-Silk. 71-year-old George 'Suli' Takei looks like a shoo-in  for Jungle Monarch.
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