November 1st, 2008


Gave In...

I turned the heat on just now; couldn't take any more. This is the earliest in about 10 years...
I'm slightly worried about  this BBC business. I actually listened to the 'terrible attacks' on YouTube, to see what it was all about, really, and it was just so moronic, I could scarcely believe people were getting het up over this.
There was, of course, an element of schoolyard bullying and sexism, which is hardly edifying, but I am  against all censorship, unless real violence and/or kids and animals being abused are involved. The very worst of it, IMO, was total absence of funniness. Brand is so completely up his own backside it's pathetic. As for Jonathan, an intelligent student who unfortunately is so besotted with fame and popularity he can behave in a sometimes embarrassing and annoying fashion,he has in this instance, allowed himself to be led into idiocy by a 'trendy' younger boy. Unsatisfactory in conduct this term, then. It won't hurt him to lose a million or two. Brand, of course, can write his own ticket, at present, so I wouldn't worry about him. What scares me, though, is the fact that there were about two complaints to begin with, the the bloody MAIL got this absurd witchunt going so that every rightwing loon in the country seems to be screaming for 'return to decency' . Fap.
I'm also a bit scared that somehow Obama might lose. I know and care nowt about politics, but I feel this would be a very bad thing for the world.
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