October 1st, 2008


Dopey Dream...

cleanskies   tells me I should read a book called HUQUASTI  to reduce my ignorance about Africa, and lends me a battered paperback.
Later,  EASTENDERS Yolande sees me with it, and says it's a lowbrow novel that people read on the tube. I don't know, I've never got around to reading it because I'm not particularly interested in Africa.
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    R4: Discussion of coming out to parents.

Deformities And Demons...

I'm horribly fascinated by my ganglion. It moves around quite a bit. Very David Cronenberg...It doesn't seem to hurt so much since it popped out, anyway.
I watched BEOWULF, which was a bit of a disappointment. Mind you, the dragon was super, with a strong Toho influence. Its bum looked just like Ghidrah's.I liked Ma Grendel's stiletto- feet, too.
 I don't really see the point of altering the whole saga so much, though. Maybe they thought it was just too basic for modern tastes. CGI humans, great as the advances have been, still have that strangely dead quality, too, which I guess is good news for actors.
Great BLACK sky over South London earlier this afternoon. I thought we were in for a spectacular downpour, but it just blew over.
Ah, new HEROES tonight. Hope it's better than season two...
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