September 18th, 2008


God Alive-O!...

What next? The sibling, after  nearly three weeks, is getting near the end of the piles of mouldy utility bills from the 50's, hoarded tissues with shit on them, and other horrors in the old homestead. I do wish I were able to be there.I feel so damn feeble and useless.
 There actually may be a few prospective buyers for the place, but it seems my sister still can't do anything because the thing I had to sign was 'improperly notarised', despite a big seal on it like something from Elizabethan days, etc.
I still haven't had the explanatory  letter from her lawyer, but it's gotta mean yet more money and aggro. What a fuckin' waste! I suppose it will also involve another schlep to Balham, so I may get to see the suavely dishy solicitor again...That's not worth money, though! Grump.
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    Gnarls Barkeley: WHO'S GONNA SAVE MY SOUL?