September 11th, 2008


Louring Skies Again...

Wanna go back to my pit. Yawn...
Had an entertaining orgy of horror films yesterday, with Fiona. Carpenter's THE THING  holds up incredibly well; still quite scary, and inventively gross. It's interesting that several of the first (and still best-) really convincing visceral horrors all appeared at around the same time
. (ALIEN, AMERICAN WEREWOLF, THE FLY, and THE THING) was it just the availability of improved technology, or something in the zeitgeist?
We went on to the more recent SILENT HILL, which also stands up nicely to a second viewing. The spooky environment is incredibly real, reminding me queasily of my suburban childhood hell on Long Island, and especially, my first school, St Agnes', in long-ago Brooklyn. (The toilets! The toilets!) I also got a look at the cunning lil' EEE PC, Want, want, want...
We were also speculating on the possible first appearance of lifts in horror films. I haven't yet started googling that one, but i think it's a good topic for a geek/time-wasting  extravaganza
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I Am So In Lurve!...

My Fletcher Hanks book arrived this morning. What  total raw, unhinged genius!  I'm swooning!
'The Giant Headhunter Waits Eagerly'...
Hanks, it seems, was a totally reprehensible individual, alcohol-addled and abusive, so I might well have fancied him, had we ever met. (He was found, having somehow survived into his 80's as a drunken tramp, frozen to a bench in Central Park!)
Oh boy, this stuff is choice!

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