September 9th, 2008


Good Morning Midnight...

It's soooo DARK! 
Here's a link to The Colony Club, if anyone's interested. I was surprised to see they actually had a website:

I have really got to get out today. I'm out of proper  milk, and have only nasty coffee-mate stuff. My leg's really a mess, and I still feel  fairly crap. Bugger...

I'm reading THE HORSE'S MOUTH , which is a lovely book,and  needs to be read rather slowly as it's so full of old-fashioned  felicitous turns of phrase and references. The film was always a favourite of mine, and this is, of course, much better.  I'm having trouble with the LJ toolbar, now. I can't link to other users, for one thing. That was always unreliable, anyway, but now, if I make something 'Bold', I can't switch back, etc. Odd...
The Scaffolding is still suspiciously quiet. I know some days the wind and rain would have kept them away, but it seems a very long time since they've done anything at all. At least it's not noisy.
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    R4: Another depressing tale (Vicar with MS in Baghdad!)

Want. Chinese. Food...

Oh yes, and  Must. Bite. That. Nose..   ( ...Simpsonesque Droolgurgle)

Another cool thing in the post today...monocat    sent me two COMICS JOURNALS  he'd done with. Whooo!
Thanks, Paul!

R Next Door is still convinced she is in imminent danger of Scaffolding Death. ( 'It iss an endless nightmare; my heart iss bouncing in my chest all day...')

An evil looking scuzz  flirted with me in Sainsbury's ' You like that Cherry Coke, huh...?'
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