September 3rd, 2008


Is That The Sun?

It seems to be struggling to come out, I like the gloom myself, but a bit of variety is certainly welcome.

Happy birthday today to Mr dickon  edwards,  Fosca frontman, flaneur, and perpetrator of one of the most entertaining of LJs.

Much weeping and gnashing of teeth in BIG BROTHER last night, as Mo and Kat were evicted. Poor old Mo; it was quite a tragic scene, as everyone gathered round him wailing, even though he had seemed to be generally despised from the start.  Kat had been overdoing the hysterics,recently,  so her major nervous breakdown as the axe fell on her, wasn't as pitiful as Mo's stunned submissiveness. Why,oh why are Rex, Rachel and Sara still there?  I think Mikey (ugggh- I always envision him sucking peanut butter off his fingers...) is still bookie's favourite to win. I really have no idea.

I'm currently geeking out on Fassbinder's million-episode version of BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ,  which I saw on TV many years ago, but barely remembered. It holds up very well.

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    R4: Guy talking about the black community.