July 28th, 2008



Way too hot, now. I don't care who's enjoying it, it's gotta stop. Oh my Ghoddddd!
No change in my mother's condition, but my sister seems to be coping sturdily. The hospice people are coming around again today, so that's 'good'. They're really helpful. There's still no official diagnosis or prognosis, but I can't see it going on like this much longer. Thanks for the good wishes, and those who pray, please keep saying one for the poor old soul. I dunno if I believe, but  I do believe it helps in some way.
I only went out to the Morrisons on the corner and had to stop about three times en route. Jeezus, it's sweltering.
The Scaffold is rising inexorably, with lots of banging,clanging and worker-yelling. I expect they'll be on my level by the end of the week, and I'll have to keep my clothes on. 

Here's something nice.

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