July 6th, 2008


Finale (Possible Spoilers...)

Yay spinny, screamy head-blowy-uppy Daleks! Davros rocked, and it was awww, nice that Rose got her own human-Doctor cloney person. I'm sure many viewers will also have appreciated the split-second toplessness of human-Doctor cloney  person, as well.

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Paranoid Thought..

I don't think the forthcoming government plans to torment welfare and incapacity claimants will affect me personally. They're pretty scary,  though, especially the prospect of reluctant, untrained  dole claimants being forced to earn their pittance in care homes for the elderly! One epidemic of granny-bashing coming up!  As I'll surely  end up in some hellhole like that if I live long enough, I suppose it will affect me, come to think of it. Shudder...
In the Big Brother House, I was very (pleasantly) surprised that  Jen got evicted. I would have thought that viewers would want the whole absurd romantic scenario to continue. There are three new female housemates; two more dollies with long dark hair. Mo fancies the more exotic one, but she's bound to scorn him, poor lad.  There's an older, plumper one, but she's an annoying  loudmouth, so far.
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