July 4th, 2008


Never Say Never...

...But I really never thought I'd find myself  on the side of the feckin' Daily Mail!


I mean, how very dare they? How can they possibly have the fucking cheek? FAP!

Lady at the bus stop with a bright-eyed, fit-looking  little Yorkie... Unfortunately they'd just been to the vet, and the dog has a terminal heart condition. *Sigh*  Wotan died a year ago Sunday, and I still don't think I'm really over it.

At another bus stop.; a man in an orangutan mask holding a big placard printed  with the unlikely invitation to 'Meet Banksy'. I didn't get to investigate further.

R Next Door has discovered our building is built over an underground stream, like just about everything else in London, and reckons that's why she's been an insomniac since she's lived here.

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