June 13th, 2008


Odd Little Dream...

I was at one of those 'Encounter Group Weekends' that were big in the 70's...In a big, emptyish room, everyone was taking a break from all the confrontation, encounter-bat battles, etc. Rutger Hauer was leaning against the  wall smoking. He was getting into therapy to try and deal with the fact that he was constantly assumed to be an arsonist, and denounced in newspapers, etc. He shrugged wearily and said. 'Maybe I should change my name to Michel de Fidel...'

Paul Gravett's obit on Will Elder is in the Grauniad this morning.
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Free To Good Home...

Should there be anyone on earth still without a digital TV connection. I have just replaced my lil' ON OSTB01. It's a cheapo item, although rather smart-looking, as they go, works perfectly, and  even I found it very easy to set up. So, let me know, if anyone does want it.
My new Daewoo box  has arrived, and was also very easy to set up. Eee, it magically records things! It has PIP, and does all sorts of stuff , touch wood.  It's really cool. No, I couldn't  bloody afford it , no way. Bite me.