June 6th, 2008


Blimey, It's Dark...

Spent a long time in St. Thomas'  waiting to see the gastric band/bypass  man. He was detained on the ward for ages. ....'Someone is very sick...' Yeh, encouraging.  I didn't like him much, although he was civil enough.  He has a horrible South African accent, and is a typical 'obesity specialist' little speccy man.  Anyway, there has to be lots more 'assessment' and stuff, and if I'm offered it and accept it, there's a waiting list, of course.  I just don't know. A lot of people, including me, would say it's just Wrong ...But I need to lose weight  to try and get some mobility back,,and just 'sensible diet' stuff doesn't do it for me. What a bummer...
I suggest having a look at THE MINOTAUR on BBC2 tomorrow night. It starts at 7:35, so you can switch straight over from DOCTOR WHO, having missed very little. They're broadcasting it bizarrely, with an episode of HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU between the acts. From listening to the radio broadcast, I would say the bit to really check out is the last twenty minutes or so of the first act, which was very, very scary, and evidently performed with full visual gruesomeness. I quite like Birtwhistle's work. He certainly can do violence and creeepiness.
I think BIG BROTHER has definitely jumped the shark, and nothing can help it. Still, I'd rather watch it than THE APPRENTICE, which people seem to be so hooked on these days, or cooking competitions.
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