June 5th, 2008


Weird And Weirder...


I was absolutely flabbergasted by the MARRIED TO THE EIFFEL TOWER  documentary last night. It was quite well done. and  much less gross than the usual freakshow doc. (I should know, being a long-time addict...) I don't think I've ever seen anything quite so strange as what these gals (the syndrome of falling in love with inanimate objects seems to affect mostly women-) get up to. One woman was desperately caressing the communion rail in her church,  (it was very graceful-looking-) and her pastor handled it with matter-of-fact gentleness. Full marks to him. Some Xtians are OK, yanno.
 The same woman is also in love with a rather ropey-looking fairground ride called 1001 Nachts, which seems to be her main squeeze. ...She lives in upstate New York. ...Wonder if my sister  might know  her - or 1001 Nachts,  at Knoebel's  in  Pennsylvania,,anyway?  ( I'm yes, completely fascinated now, and would love to have a chat with her.)
Oops, BIG BROTHER is back tonight. so  I'll have to ration my obsessing. It's not what it was, of course, but I always end up following it...Part of the fun is knowing that when it's finally over, a lot of the bloody  damn summer is gone, too.

Cheers to  Milla for the packet... I'd completely forgotten doing most of that stuff, and the FORTEAN TIMES are much appreciated.Lots of crystal skull photos, yay!)
...And thanx again to  buddleia      for taking time to drop in yesterday. Nice to see ya, and wee packet much appreciated aussi.  
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Just Remembered A Dream...

 My sister phoned me , all excited, to say she'd got this huge advance on her Aleister Crowley Cookbook, and we were all saved... My sister is, actually, a pretty good creative cook, unlike me. I imagine the RL proceeds from such a project would be modest indeed, though. 
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