May 31st, 2008


Sick Pup...

Got up late, feeling bad, went to the post office, felt all icky and sticky, but thought I might try to get to Camden Town later...Then I started getting all queasy and crampy, and the painkillers weren't helping my usual owies, so I just crapped out, and felt sure I was missing a good time. I probably was. I wonder if the stomach upset was sheer psychosomatic self-sabotage, or if there's something else wrong with me.? I seem to be getting a lot of stomach discomforts these days. Maybe it's the painkillers... Bum.
Yes, DOCTOR WHO  tonight was the best in a while. Veh creepy. THE MINOTAUR  on R3 is scaring hell out of me, too. The end of the first act  was just horrible to hear. Can't imagine what it looked like! Wish I'd been able to go.

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    Birtwhistle:THE MINOTAUR -Wotta freakout!