May 22nd, 2008


Ohhh, Nice!

I always get childishly thrilled when something pleasant is in the post. Today (many thanks to the  dynamic FactorFiction
duo), it was my GIRLY 'creator' copies, a few always-welcome squid, and several  fatigue-and-owie-fightin'  self-help CDs. I'll certainly try 'em, and thanks again!
I tottered out to Clapham Junction for some dull errands. Painful. I've tried the high-powered ibroprofen mix, which seems to be for headaches, not joints, but it works as well (that is, barely at all-) as the creepy Co-Codamol, and without the weird underwater blearyness and doped-up feeling.  I'll have to stick to the latter a while, though, as the GP gave me a big free prescription. Waste not want not...It sure would be nice to find something that actually works, though.
I found it hot outside. Bah. Summer is coming back.
Just glancing at my phoneside pad, I see that during my last 'conversation' with my poor old mother, I doodled:
An agonised, bugeyed man, Poe-protagonist type
A grinning bat
A cranky cat
Me, on the phone with 'XTENSION LEAD!' underlined beneath
A smirking woman who rather resembles young  Queen Liz, gazing towards...
A stonking erect penis with the local  Superdrug number scrawled along the shaft.

Wish I could scan stuff, I'd like to do one of those daily doodle diaries.
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laughing barratt


I think Eurovision may have  just peaked with the winged, tophatted centaur with the sadly paralysed hind legs

It seems to be largely girls in big hair and little silver frocks, boys in black with TinTin  quiffs, so far. Bring on some tuxedoed lesbians...

Update: My fave so far is the classic Eurovision  G&S-style  pirates stomping through clouds of dry ice,  from Latvia. Excellent