April 24th, 2008



Sun's coming out. I must do something worthwhile today. Wot?
I feel like adopting a cat rescued from the Olympic site, but I don't live in the right area. I really can't afford a cat, anyway...But the need for feline companionship is intense.
People who do live in the right place,can offer a caring home,and are in need of animal lurve might want to check this out.


I suggest that people see THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES- Yes, it's very long, but not bum-numbingly so, and it's incredibly beautiful to look at, in a melancholy way. I'm not overly keen on Westerns or Brad Pitt, but in this instance, I wasn't put off by either.
You also get Nick Cave strolling through as a balladeer, near the end.

AOL is driving me nuts, and the PC is all fucked up anyway. Grumble...

If this picture actually appears, it's my sister's cat Fingers, who was rescued from the upstate-New York snow.Squee.
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