April 1st, 2008


Crabby Old Lady Vent-icles...

What has become of creamed corn, anyway?

Why has ASDA taken away the sugarless Cream soda? First it was Diet Vanilla Coke, now this. I've been forced to go back to the expensive stuff again, this time Diet Cherry Coke, but it's not the same.

Why don't I win the fraking Lotto so I can get  one of those modern magic  recorderbox things? (The combi I have at present only lets you record the channel you're watching. What is the point of that?) 
I really do neeed a new PC with a tablet, printer/scanner and the works. Lots of of USB ports...Wah.

My entire body is still hurting.I guess it will be like this forever,now.  I think about death all the time. Bum.

I forgot to watch POPPY SHAKESPEARE last night. It looked like it was going to be good, although the Guardian critic wasn't impressed.

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