March 27th, 2008


Sendettie Light Vessel Automatic....

The shipping forecast is worrying me lately. Over the last year or so, it seems to have changed for the worse,become rather mundane. Is it just me and my ever- worsening gloom, or what? For one thing, I've been pissed off ever since they changed 'Finisterre',...and I don't like the businesslike, boring voice of the man who usually reads it these days...It seems, as well, that they hardly ever mention Benbecula any more.  I should be sectioned, I suppose...
That play about Tony Hancock on  TV last night was a real depressive's-bonus-special angstfest. Thought it was very well done, but whew, poor buggers...I never found Tony Hancock funny,personally. One of my many comedy blind spots, like the Marx Brothers, and Chaplin.
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