February 23rd, 2008


More Sad Stuff..

This morning, after a night of scary dreams, I tottered out for the papers and discovered a big puddle of what sure looked like blood on the pavement.
Creeped out, I went to check my emails and stuff when I got back in and saw

cleanskies '  post about Steve Whitaker suddenly dying, at the absurd age of 53. It just doesn't seem possible. That's another one gone far too soon, who I'll never get the chance to know better.  He was a really inspiring teacher at the old Cartoon Centre, and knew how to get everyone really cracking at his later workshops at CAPTION, etc. He was also a jovial, witty personality of great warmth and generosity, a highly-regarded colourist and a really classy cartoonist.  He was [info]stickismyfriend  on LJ, but I never friended him because I was afraid he might find it intrusive. Anyone who doesn't know his work can see some examples of what we'll all be missing, there.
RIP. It just ain't right...
I've hermited the day away, distracting myself by continuing my DEADWOOD orgy, which is pretty dumb, as when I finish this series (3), there ain't no more.</div>
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