February 15th, 2008



I watched HOSTEL 2 last night, prurient pleb that I am, and although it's the usual  'kill a bunch of nubiles in disgustingly inventive ways' thing, the jokes are pretty good, and it's extremely well done, a proper film. I wasn't all that impressed with the first one, but  rather liked this. (Those feral children are actually scarier than the butchery.)
It makes ya think, too. There are so many bizarre things going on in this world, might there be places where super-rich pervs go to have bloody-murder weekend breaks? More things in heaven and earth...
 In other gruesomeness, what I thought was a zit (bad enough-) on my nose, for god's sake (right where my glasses always irritate-) is now a huge thing. Could it be a boil, or some kind of rare monstosity that will take over my whole head?  Leprosy! They always used to tell us stories about leprosy in Catholic school....!
As if I weren't unsightly and afflicted enough. Bloody Nora. I couldn't bear to go outdoors, which is not good, but I just couldn't er, face it.
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