February 10th, 2008



I didn't realise until about midnight that there had been this huge fire at Camden Lock. What a mess... It's a great pity that so much damage was done, but at least nobody's dead, and the main Stables area was spared. R Next Door is in hysterics because it was her old stomping ground,back in the day. I used to work around there,myself, when the big Berman's & Nathan's  warehouse/workhouse was around the corner. ...Jesus, what bastards they were. Very Dickensian, union-busting, the works...Still, they were entertaining days. (I was either drunk, in lurve, and/or  or off my noggin on the ol' Do-Dos half the time, of course.
Why, oh why is the Sunday Times compelled to print a dozen or so photos of the gurning phiz of Jeremy Clarkson every damn week? Does he get extra money for posing? Do people want to see this? More often than not, there are several  pics of the dreaded A A Gill smirking out at you as well. Something should be done.
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