January 21st, 2008


Richard Burton...

I dreamt I was told he wanted to see me, and I proceeded rather nervously to the run-down greasy spoon where he was waiting. We had coffee in those nasty little clear glass cups you used to get in such places, in the olden days.
I never did find out why I had been summoned, but at one point, I said I'd been intrigued by his film of DOCTOR FAUSTUS, and why didn't that amazing young man who played Mephistopheles become famous?  He really perked up at this, as it had been a favourite project of his, but I forget what else was said. Damn.
I'm going to pick up my ruinously pricey (for me-) new specs. I really don't like the frames.
A very happy birthday to   royaltoots  (who is still much younger than I am. Bah-) Have a good 'un.
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Hair Irritation...

My hair is so long and scruffy it's driving me nuts. R Next Door commented yesterday that I 'look 100% better' like this, though, and when I get it cut it is 'zoh horrible, iff you must do it, you should wear maybe a scarf, the first few days...'  
My new specs look zoh horrible, too, but I must say  I can see considerably better, now. Result!