January 3rd, 2008


"Firewalking In Carshalton"...

Decided to go to the West End to see the Christmas lights, etc., before they come down. Waste of time, as all the window displays were gone, or covered by SALE signs...Didn't they used to leave them until  the sixth? Anyway, the lights themselves were feeble and sparse, and it all looked grim and gritty. Meh.
I proceeded  to Charing Cross Road, where I mooched in that Japanese kitsch emporium. Wow, they have loads of Sanrio stuff, and skull stuff, and wonderfully cheesy decorative items. I blew three pounds on a new 'laughing Buddha'  for my collection.
I finally checked out SEEING IS BELIEVING  at the Photographers' Gallery, and it was quite interesting, If you're in the area, do check it out. I really liked Roger Ballen's spooky stuff. I liked Antoine d'Agata's work in the small gallery, as well. Very David Lynch, actually.
Possible celeb sightings: A woman who is lucky enough to look juat like Cate Blanchett. I don't think it actually was, though. She had a strange 40's coiffure, and was very ginger. Also, the real couture Cate probably wouldn't be sale-trawling on Oxford Street. 
In the Photographers' Gallery, gawping at the uncanny stuff was a man who might have been the actor Hugo Speer.


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