January 1st, 2008


Way Out There...

Watched INLAND EMPIRE, The most incomprehensible David Lynch film ever.  Despite having no idea at all what was going on, I found myself hypnotised and compelled to watch on and on. It was very creepy; a couple of scenes really alarmed me, and it features a strangely terrifying table lamp...He's gotta be taking the piss, but it's still weirdly worthwhile.


That O THOU TRANSCENDENT, the three-hour Tony Palmer  take on Vaughn  Williams was fascinating, too. It probably would have been better in two or three episodes,  at a reasonable time, but it's very, very good, and apparently out on DVD.

I'm trying to tidy up the flat and fill more bags for the charity shops. It's an incrredibly slow procedure.Even us poor folks are wading through mountains of useless Stuff in this mad word.

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