December 18th, 2007


Secret Santa!

Blimey, some good person has  sent me a bottle of that  fascinating Black Shiraz! Oh fuck, I'm getting a bit teary-eyed,now.  *Choke*.... May they be rewarded with extra-juicy good karma, anyway.
Also, there are several people who always send me cards I can't return, as I don't know their adresses, including Mr TW. Thanks also.
I had fun, fun, fun at the sodding hospital again. The measuring bit was OK, though, as there's a jolly man in charge; bit of a Garrison Keilor type. Unfortunately. The shouty simpleton was there, demanding attention, and in the Outpatients waiting room, as well, effing and blinding and gibbering aggressively. He smells, too. Poor sod can't help it, I suppose.. It's a real pain in the arse, though

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