December 12th, 2007


Damn Fools...

This last  hospital business has been particularly fraught, time-consuming and  unsatisfactory.
I was given this form early on, and told to take it, when told to, to the 'appliances' department, to enter the hell world of lifelong compression hose...This time I was told by the doctor to 'drop in there' before my next outpatient session,  to be measured. I spoke to the nurse, as this sounded surprisingly casual. She said, no, you make an appointment over the phone first, and gave me a special secret number which was not on anything else I'd been given.
After being hung up on twice, I got through to an 'appliance' person who said I had to go there and present  the forms I'd been given before they could give me an appointment. So I have to endure the hassle and creepines of going to the hospital again tomorrow. Fuck-a-doodle-doo!
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