November 9th, 2007



This is grotesque, all right...The mummy bandages are already beginning to slip down, and the itching is beyond all description. Yaaah! Don't see how the bandages or I will ever last until Tuesday.
I suppose I'm fortunate to havre lasted this long, without varicose veins and ulcers, what with my size, and the fact that both parents had 'em. My mother's are truly frightening.
It's getting so close to MCR, too...Don't know how I'll  manage  it, now. That would be a bummer, to miss out again.
No 'brainstorming'  phone call from the tech book writer, so far. I'm relieved, but  I certainly could use some money.
Reading Beryl Bainbridge's ACCORDING TO QUEENEY, which, so far is utterly fab.
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