November 5th, 2007


Nothing New...

Mostly just being totally, scarily tired,  and incapable of virtually everything. Have an unrelated hospital appointment Thursday, which I'm dreading. Can't even imagine how I'll get to MCR etc, apart from air-ambulance!
It's starting to feel a  bit  nippy, but still gruesomely mild. I turned my heat on for the first time Novemnber 11 last year. Wonder if it will be later still this time.
Saw  28 WEEKS LATER, which wasn't bad. Loved the helicopter massacre! 
I need more Scrabble. I only have three regular games going. People often just crap out mid-game, which is so annoying. I suppose they have lives, or something. Impolite, though.
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    R4: scariness about Pakistan, etc.