October 19th, 2007


On The Busses...

Downed some painkillers and went off to the Drill Hall for the Holly Woodlawn portraits. Really very good work with a haunting quality. I was impressed by the dreamy b&w film THE BROKEN GODDESS OF BETHESDA, too. 
I've not been to the Drill Hall in some time, and see that the gallery is now The Nancy  Diuguid  room. Shit, I remember her from the theatre. She was always very nice, and I had a bit of  a crush on her. Sigh...


The staff at the Drill Hall really impresses me. They seem sincerely friendly every time I go there, which is very infrequently, but still...

Decided to take the 24 bus to the end of the line,afterwards,  just for an 'outing' and, naturally, got a Mad Bus Driver. I had my trolley, then a woman with a puhchair got on, fair enough. Then he let two more pushchairs on, although the bus was full,and people were standing already. THEN  this absurd chav with a double pushchair crammed herself in through the back door, so nobody could get on, off, or indeed move at all. Not bloody safe. I managed to force my way off at the next stop, and wait for the next bus, which was empty.
After a bit of a  stroll, I headed home. A  'well-dressed' old man who looked like a toothless Ming Cambell followed me on and smacked loudly. 'Are you on a STRICT DIET for your OBESITY?' I just woofed back 'Fuck off, you silly old man.' ...So lame, but even with all my decades of experience, I can never manage to come up with that longed-for brilliantly  witty sting on the spot. Feebly, I felt like crying, actually. We chubs've been having our noses really rubbed in it lately, with all the headless 'obesity timebombs' being paraded on the  TV news yet again. No wonder I'm finding it increasingly difficult just to leave the flat. Boo hoo.
Oh well. I'm glad I did. The Holly  W thing was well worth the visit.


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